Kristine Harrison


Who Am I?

Kris Harrison

English Teacher and Department Chair

What Do I Love About Teaching?

I love teaching because I have an opportunity to impact the lives of my students by being a positive influence, building their self-esteem, and helping them enjoy learning, and my students impact my life by inspiring me, connecting me to their worlds, and reminding me to enjoy teaching and learning!

Where Did I Attend College?

  • Master of Education, Curriculum & Instruction - Loyola University, 2006
  • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology - Mt. St. Mary’s University, 1997

What Do I Teach?

  • Homeroom - A/B Days (7:45-8:00)
  • English 12 - Period 2/A Day (9:25-10:45)
  • English 10 GT - Period 3/A Day (11:45-1:05)
  • English 12 - Period 4/A Day (1:10-2:30)
  • English 10 - Period 1/B Day (8:00-9:20)
  • English 12 - Period 3/B Day (11:45-1:05)

How Can You Contact Me?

What are my Professional Goals?

  • Develop interactive and dynamic lessons that incorporate various multimedia resources, group discussions, and creative assignments to captivate students' interests.
  • Cultivate a welcoming and empathetic atmosphere where students feel valued and accepted for their individual identities and experiences.
  • Incorporate diverse voices and perspectives in the literary works studied, broadening students' horizons and fostering a deeper understanding of the human experience.