Willow Schneider

Who Am I?

Willow Schneider

Social Studies Teacher

What Do I Love About Teaching?

I love interacting with students and getting to know them better.  Of course I love History, but my real passion is making connections with my students and building relationships.  Those relationships make learning History a lot more fun!

Where Did I Attend College?

  • Masters Degree- Leadership in Teaching, Notre Dame of Maryland University, 2004
  • Bachelors Degree- American Studies (Certification in Secondary Education), UMBC, 1999

What Do I Teach?

  • Homeroom - A/B Days (7:45-8:00)
  • World History 7-Period 2A (9:25-10:45)
  • American History 8-Period 3A (11:45-1:05)
  • American History 8-Period 4A (1:10-2:30)
  • American History GT 8-Period 1B (8:00-9:20)
  • World History 7-Period 2B (9:25-10:45)
  • American History 8- Period 3B (11:45-1:05)

How Can You Contact Me?

I can be contacted using any of the following methods below:
~ Schoology Messaging ~ Email - [email protected]

What are my Professional Goals?

This year, I would like to work on learning more about online teaching tools that can help me to better meet the needs of my students in the online classroom.