Kathleen Chenowith


space invader babies
"Space Invader Babies" 1989, Acrylic and mixed media on canvas
Kathy Chenowith

Who Am I?

Kathy Chenowith

What Do I Love About Teaching?

What I love most about teaching is meeting and working with students in a subject matter that I am passionate about.Since every student is different, and every day is different, my job is never boring and is always rewarding.Seeing students respond to art in their own unique way and style, problem solving and responding to art is exciting to me. Seeing students express their personal voice, discover things about their life and the world through the creative process helps them to see the world through a new perspective.

Where Did I Attend College?

  • Bachelor’s degree from Towson University
  • Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University
  • Took graduate courses at both Maryland Institute College of Art and Notre Dame of Maryland

What Do I Teach?

  • Fundamentals of Art - Period 5/ A Day (3:30-4:50) 

How Can You Contact Me?

What are my Professional Goals?

  • To provide access to curriculum and content for students at all levels of skill and interests in the arts.
  • To engage students so they find relevance and meaning in the work they do for this class.