Jessica Linne


Ms. Linne

Who Am I?

Jessica Linne

eLearning Math Teacher

What Do I Love About Teaching?

I really enjoy math but teaching it can be challenging. I like helping students to understand different concepts and mathematical ideas, and how proud students are when they understand a concept, they previously found difficult.

Where Did I Attend College?

Western Michigan University, Towson University, and Loyola College

What Do I Teach?

  • Homeroom - A/B Days (7:45-8:00)
  • Geometry - Period 1/A Day 8:00-9:20)
  • Geometry - Period 2/A Day (9:25-10:45 AM)
  • Advanced Algebra - Period 4/A Day (1:10-2:30)
  • AP Calculus I AB - Period 5/A Day (3:30-4:50)
  • Geometry - Period 2/B Day (9:25-10:45)
  • Geometry - Period 3/B Day (11:45-1:05)
  • Algebra II - Period 4/B Day (1:10-2:30) 

How Can You Contact Me?

I am available Tuesday-Thursday for Coach Class by appointment from 7:50 to 8:05 AM and can be reached by:

  • Phone: 443-317-3360

What are my Professional Goals?

This year I am focusing on teaching the two new curriculums that I have.