Course Offerings

eLearning facilitates courses for students in grades 6-12 and will be following a A/B schedule. Below is a list of courses that are currently scheduled to be offered in eLearning for the 2023-2024 school year.

Middle School Students (Grades 6-8) may access: 

Language Arts 6

Health 6

World History 6

Science 6

Mathematics MS 6

Language Arts 7

Health 7

World History 7

Science 7

Mathematics MS 7

Language Arts 8

Health 8

American History 8

Science 8

Mathematics MS 8

GT Language Arts 8

Phys Ed 6

GT American History 8


Algebra I


Phys Ed 7





Phys Ed 8



Algebra II GT


High School Students (Grades 9-12) may access: 

English 9

American Government

Earth Systems

Algebra I

Heath 9/10

English 10

World History

Living Systems

Algebra II

Health 11/12

English 11


US History

US History (Honors)

Integrated Physics & Chemistry



Intro CRD


English 12


Personal Finance & Economic Theory

NGSS Chemistry

Pre-College Math: ADV Algebra


Advanced CRD

English 9 GT

American Government GT

AP Environmental Science

Honors Pre-Calculus

Linux Essentials

English 10 GT

World History GT

AP Computer Science A

Honors College Algebra

Fundamentals of Art



AP Physics C: Mechanics

AP Calculus 1 AB

Intro to Apprenticeships: Electrical

         AP Spanish 5
         AP French 5

Advanced Placement Courses Offered Beyond the School Day:

  • AP Environmental Science 
  • AP Computer Science A 
  • AP Physics C: Mechanics 
  • AP Calculus 1 AB 
  • Linux Essentials 
  • AP Spanish 5
  • AP French 5