James Fazzino, Supervisor

To our 2023-2024 eLearning Community ~ 

Welcome to eLearning, one of the many educational opportunities and programs Baltimore County Public Schools has available to students enrolled in BCPS middle and high schools.  Whether students are returning to us this school year, or this is their first experience taking classes with us, I hope they will find their time here rewarding and enjoyable! The entire eLearning team remains committed to helping students meet their educational goals, so I highly encourage students, parents, and caregivers to reach out at any time with questions or concerns.

I have had the pleasure of working with the eLearning team since the program began in 2011 and can share some advice that will help students meet with success. First, I would insist that students attend all their scheduled live classes. It may sound simple enough, but over 10 years student performance data tells us what we already know to be true-- students who log into Google Meet and participate in the live (or synchronous) class sessions do significantly better than those who have inconsistent attendance. Second, I would ask students to communicate regularly with their teacher(s) whenever they need some help with schoolwork—regardless of how big or little the need may be. Outreach can include sending messages in Schoology, scheduling a help session, or reaching out via phone. Students should never wait for assessments/ grades to tell teachers what they know and what they need to learn—take ownership of learning and reach out for assistance as soon as possible. Finally, I would encourage all students to take advantage of the revisit time during our lunch periods. This is a perfect opportunity to receive tutoring, get help on assignments, retake an assessment, or build confidence around key concepts.

I wish our students, families, and staff all the best for a highly productive and enriching 2023-2024 school year!

Mr. Fazzino, Supervisor
BCPS eLearning
[email protected]