UPDATED eLearning Grading and Reporting – Middle School

eLearning Grading and Reporting – Middle School

Updated May 6, 2020

Middle School Grades 6 – 8:

  • Middle school students will receive a grade of “Pass” or “Fail” for marking periods 3 and 4, as well as a grade of “Pass” or “Fail” for the final grade.


How will work assigned for middle school students during MP3/MP4 be graded?

  • Students will receive either a Pass (P) or Fail (F) for MP3/MP4. Teachers will provide feedback on student progress during the extended closure. A grade of “P” will be issued when there is evidence of student participation and progress, or the school is aware that a student is experiencing an extenuating circumstance or hardship.

Will there be any final exams?

  • There will be no final exams this school year. 

How will final grades be calculated?

  • Students in middle school will receive a final course grade of “Pass” or “Fail.” For middle school courses: Final course grades for year-long courses will be calculated using the marking period grades. Students receiving three failing grades (E,U,F) will receive an “F.” All other students will receive a “P.”

What will be the grades for courses that only met during marking period 3 prior to the closure?

  • Final course grades for classes that met only MP3 or only MP3/4 will receive a Passing (P) marking period grade, and they will receive a Passing (P) final course grade.

If my child takes a high school course in middle school, how will the final grade be calculated?

  • Step 1: Each grade for marking periods 1 and 2 will convert to the following point values:

A = 12 points B = 9 points C = 6 points D = 3 points E = 0 points

  • Step 2: The “Pass” or “Fail” for Marking Period 3/4 will convert to the following point values:

P = 4 points F = 0 points

  • Step 3: Add the three numerical equivalents. Convert the sum of the numerical equivalents to a letter grade for the report card using the following conversion scale:

P = 4 – 28 points F = 0 – 3 points

The credit will be awarded to the student, and a “P” will appear on the high school transcript if the student earned a passing grade in the course.

What should I do if my student needs access to letter grades or specific information regarding their academic performance for a scholarship, admission to a program or private high school?

  • Even though students will not receive letter grades during the continuity of learning, teachers will continue to provide feedback on completed assignments.  In the event that a family needs specific information regarding a student’s academic performance, aptitude and/or work habits, school counselors, teachers and administrators will be available to complete recommendation letters/forms.

Why are high school students provided with a final grade option of achievement grades or pass/fail?

  • Based on information shared during discussions with stakeholder groups, students in grades 9-12 will have the option to choose between an achievement grade and an academic grade.  An Achievement Grade will impact a student’s cumulative GPA/QPA, and a “Pass/Fail” will not impact a student’s cumulative GPA/QPA.  GPA/QPA is one of several major factors used by colleges and postsecondary programs when making admission decisions.  We wanted to ensure that high school students had the opportunity to improve their GPA/QPA while “doing no harm” to students unable to fully participate during these challenging times.

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