Martha Bingaman


Who Am I?

Martha Bingaman
Teacher of English

What Do I Love About Teaching?

I still appreciate the students. I think they want to succeed, and it is my job to help them.

Where Did I Attend College?

  • Master of Education - George Mason University
  • Bachelor of Arts, English - University of Maryland at College Park

What Do I Teach?

  • Homeroom - A/B Days (8:05-8:25 AM)
  • ELA 7 - Period 1/A Day (8:30-9:55 AM)
  • ELA 8 - Period 2/A Day (10-11:25 AM)
  • ELA 7 - Period 3/A Day (11:55-1:20 PM)
  • ELA 8 - Period 1/B Day (8:30-9:55 AM)
  • ELA 6- Period 2/B Day (10-11:25 AM)
  • ELA 8- Period 4/B Day (1:25-2:50 PM)

How Can You Contact Me?

  • Cell Phone: 410-241-4902

What are my Professional Goals?

To continue to facilitate learning virtually for as long as the universe allows.