Science Update Archives


Mrs. Fox

6th Grade: Students are challenging themselves by learning about matter and how it interacts.  Students will be creating their own models and describing matter properties.  As they progress, students will investigate how raw materials can produce new substances.

7th Grade: Students are exploring how their bodies work.  We start small, comparing cells on a microscopic level.  We also look at the processes involved with cells getting energy.  Finally, we connect how cells, tissues, and organ systems interact to help keep them alive!

8th Grade: Students are exploring how geology and life in Maryland has changed over time.   It is often mind blowing as students look into the fossil record and explore how organisms have changed as seen with anatomical and embryological evidence. 

Chemistry: Students are exploring chemistry through the lens of forensics!  They are exploring electron bonding and molecular structure before diving into formulas and names of compounds. 

Mrs. Horgan

6th Grade: Students are evaluating current action plans to protect honeybees.  These young scientists are conducting this research to understand the importance of protecting native species in order to keep an ecosystem healthy.  I am excited to understand their findings.

Earth Systems: Students are finishing the first unit, Space.  They have completed 3 learning cycles during this unit and currently are completing research on a variety of space missions underway by NASA. Students will construct a scientific argument and use evidence to support the mission they feel is most worthy of continued funding. I look forward to the evidence presented to support their viewpoint.

Living Systems: Students recently started the second unit, You Are What You Eat.  They will engage with resources that examine how energy and matter cycle through different systems.  We started the first learning cycle which covers photosynthesis, cellular respiration, and matter and energy transfer.  Students will participate in virtual labs, create models, and continue to express their views during live session.  

Mrs. Levin

IPC: Students are moving into Unit 2 on Disasters! They will be studying the types of forces at work that affect the impact of Natural Disasters and how we can create models to predict their energy.

Living Systems: Students are completing Unit 1 by analyzing how drugs affect the different body systems and the body's ability to maintain homeostasis. 

Earth Systems: Students are learning about the factors that impact orbiting objects in space, and will be analyzing models to determine the path of objects like comets and asteroids.


Middle School Science

Mrs. Horgan's 
6th Grade science students have been hard at work learning the ins and outs of eLearning. We have created folders in our Google drive, have been working hard to create and complete guided notes, and we have enjoyed sharing our thoughts and ideas during live session. We are currently working on relationships among organisms in ecosystems. They have also been encouraged to observe and ecosystem near their home and identify different resources and relationships in that ecosystem. They are doing great!!

High School Science

Mrs. Levin's IPC students are performing experiments and demos to identify types of chemical reactions and how to balance chemical equations. In her Earth science class, students are learning how to read star spectra diagrams and and learning about phenomenon like aurora borealis!