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Ms. Holland and Ms. Martin - Solving Emoji Puzzles

Can you solve the puzzles below? Can you change the 8 to -8 in the first puzzle and solve it again? Or change the 24 to -24 in the second puzzle and solve it again? Emoji puzzles are a great way to practice adding and subtracting integers. Be sure to ask questions in class or see your teachers in Revisit if you need practice with this skill.


Ms. Linne - What's the Point?

Check out this discussion post from Ms. Linne’s Geometry class:

If A is a point on the plane, and B is a point on the plane, then A is congruent to B.

Do you think this is true or false? Keep in mind if you can find a counterexample where the “if” part is true, but the “then” part is false, then you have disproven the statement. Share your thinking with your classmates by responding to the discussion post!

Mrs. Whitty - Line Up!

Students in Mrs. Whitty’s Algebra class are learning about linear equations.  Believe it or not, we can create linear equations from many real-world situations.  Here’s an example: Jennifer paid $5 to get into the carnival and $2 for each ride she got on. If Jennifer spent $11, how many rides did she get on?

Think about it this way: Jennifer spent $5 getting in the carnival, so $11 – 5 = 6.  Now, if the rides are $2 each, then she must have gotten on 3 rides since 2 times 3 = 6.

If you followed that, then you may be ready for linear equations!


Middle School Math

8th grade students in Ms. Holland’s and Ms. Martin’s classes are exploring new territory by using the GeoGebra math app.  Although still in the early stages, students have practiced plotting points on the coordinate grid, creating line segments with specific lengths, and measuring angles of polygons. Graph paper may soon take a back seat to software that can translate, rotate, reflect, and dilate figures. Students can find this program by going to their BCPS links folder, going to the Apps Portal, and clicking on GeoGebra. Happy graphing!!

High School Math

In Ms. Linne's Geometry class, students are using their geometry knowledge and ability to use digital construction software to recreate beautiful patterns and create their own! Student use compass and straightedge techniques to create these beautiful images.