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Test-Taking Tips!

Some people don’t like to take tests! The reality is, we take many tests in our lifetime: to get a driver’s license, to enroll in college, health screening, and so on. We may not be able to avoid taking a test, but there are strategies to make the experience less daunting.

  1. View the test as an opportunity. This allows your teachers, parents (and you!) to see how much you know about a topic. If you need extra practice, that’s okay- take advantage of the Revisit period.
  2. Ask your family members to help. Maybe they can help you make flash cards or make up questions for you to answer.
  3. Complete the Try It and Show What You Know activities that are part of your lessons. This is the first opportunity you have to determine if you have mastered a skill or need your teachers to provide a bit more help.
  4. Relax! Stay positive, take deep breaths if needed. Talk to your parents, teachers, classmates, guidance counselors or friends to help de-stress, or gain other test taking tips!
From Mrs. Whitty's Class

Math 7- Mrs. Whitty’s math 7 classes just finished working on percent. By the end of the unit, students were able to make menu selections to calculate the tax and tip they owed for their chosen meal.

Algebra 1- Mrs. Whitty’s Algebra 1 students have been investigating survey results to analyze statistics and graph patterns. Students have been using the graphing calculator feature over the past few units to create visuals of linear mathematical relationships.