Health and PE Department

Class Updates

Mrs. Adornato

Health 11/12: The new semester ushers in a brand new Health 11/12 curriculum!  Designed to give the upper high school students the opportunity to go beyond their initial understanding of health and well-being and explore the ways that individual health is an interconnection between personal behavior and societal factors.

Health 9/10: The new semester brings new classes of Health 9/10 students learning about health literacy and applying the skills and concepts of health literacy and wellness to their personal life.

Health 7: Our 7th grade students will learn concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention to enhance their own health beginning with a unit on Personal Health.

Physical Education 8: The 8th grade students will kick off the new quarter applying the fitness components to their current levels of fitness and develop a fitness plan to address growth with these five components.

Mr. Jeffries

In 7th Grade Physical Education, students are working on an Impact Athlete Project to celebrate Black History month. Students chose an African American athlete who has made a significant impact on their sport and society. Students will be continuing their research and presenting their projects later this week. 

Upcoming units will include football, volleyball, and hockey.