English Department

Class Updates

Middle School Language Arts

Mrs. Bingaman's 8th Grade Language Arts GT students wrote Ghost stories around Societal issues. This was the culminating activity for a very spooky Unit where we read and learned about authors like Lovecraft, and Edgar Allan Poe. Check them out here!

Ms. McCutchen's fabulous 6th graders are starting a new unit on "Facing Fears and Dealing with Disasters." During this unit, students will begin by reading many informational texts to help understand feelings of fear. Students will also read several texts about being in frightening situations like weather disasters, but being prepared to survive them. Finally, for the unit Performance-Based Assessment, each student will create a Public Service Announcement about staying safe during an extreme weather event or other dangerous situation.

High School English

Students in Ms. Amland's 11th Grade English Class, summed up concepts of the American Dream in Unit 1 of American Literature by researching ways in which dreams may not be realized in their own communities. They identified problems within their own neighborhoods and cities, how those problems were being addressed, and how those current solutions were inadequate. They gave presentations on such topics as bullying in schools, neighborhood gun violence, and homelessness. Some students proposed solutions such as better counseling methods, neighborhood awareness and outreach campaigns, and more accessible housing and resource options. These presentations also served as prep work for their Unit PBA.