English Department

Class Updates

Middle School Language Arts

Ms. McCutchen's fabulous 6th graders are starting a new unit called "What Tales Tell." During this unit, students will read a variety of myths and/or other genres such as fairy tales, legends, and folktales. As part of their reading, students will examine the narrative elements including setting, plot, character, and theme. Finally, for the unit Performance-Based Assessment, each student will compose a scene in which a character from one of the stories read in the unit meets a superhero. The two characters will work together to solve a problem.
High School Language Arts

This quarter in Mrs. Harrison's English 10GT class, students will complete a Social Movement Project as part of the Systems of Oppression and Voices of Hope Unit. Students will plan a movement to support or take action on a social justice issue of their choosing. The project will consist of two parts. In the first part, students will create a document/flier that outlines reasons for protesting, specific outcomes/actions they hope for as a result of their protest, how social media will be used to spread their message, as well as other information such as protest guidelines or additional support resources. In the second part of the project, students will create an "Instagram" page, complete with followers, hashtags, posts and images that reflect the mission of their movement.

Ms. Amland's English 11 class will be exploring concepts of American activism. 
Students are analyzing the Declaration of Independence as a classical argument and formal "break-up" letter written by Jefferson to King George III. In order to prepare, students revised informal "break-up" letters to compose them as formal classical arguments.