English Department

Class Updates

Middle School Language Arts

Ms. McCutchen - Language Arts 6
Hello fabulous 6th Graders! Get ready for a super fun adventure! We're going to read cool stories from different places, where characters do exciting things. As we read these stories, we'll learn about the important parts that make them special. We'll find out how characters can change when they face challenges and problems. Ever thought about how characters talk to each other and what they do? We'll check that out too! And guess what? You'll even get to create your own story! You can use characters from the stories we read and imagine new adventures for them. How cool is that? So, get set to read, discover, and create – because this adventure is all about awesome stories!

Ms. Bingaman - Language Arts 7
In this unit, students may read either Full Cicada Moon or Outcasts United as well as other shorter literary and nonfiction texts to analyze narrative elements and their contribution to the development of theme/central idea, purpose, and point of view.  Likewise, students will create an original editorial, interview, and advertisement to apply their understanding of claim, supporting detail, reasoning, types of appeals, purpose, and point of view. The unit ends with students composing an argument that explains whether or not the rewards of bold actions are worth the risks.

Ms. Bingaman - Language Arts 8
In this unit, students explore the narrative techniques employed by authors to engage readers. Students will read multiple short texts of fiction and non-fiction as well as a novel-length work to analyze the development of dramatic irony and point of view through characterization and dialogue.  The unit will end with students effectively using narrative technique to accurately develop characters and theme in an imagined prequel, sequel, deleted scene, or alternate ending to one of the texts read in the unit.

High School English

Ms. Amland - English 9
In Unit 1, students will review literary skills and explore topics relating to Identity. They will begin the unit by thinking about their own identities and those of their classmates. Throughout the unit, they will analyze poetry, short stories, and excerpts from longer works in order to explore themes of Identity across texts. The unit concludes with a Periodic Assessment and Character Analysis Performance Based Assessment. 

Mrs. Harrison - English 10
"Shifting Perspectives" is a dynamic journey into literary analysis. Exploring cultural viewpoints and complex characters, students will dissect themes across diverse texts. From clashes between traditions and modernity to interactions between individuals, events, and ideas, students will master the art of conveying complex concepts through writing.

Ms. Amland - English 11
In Unit 1, student will study American Literature and The American Dream, and begin the unit by thinking about their own concepts of the American Dream. Throughout the unit, they will return to those initial concepts often as they analyze fiction and nonfiction texts which delve into similar concepts. Students will create a presentation which addresses a community need and compose a mock Grant Proposal Cover Letter. 

Mrs. Harrison - English 12
In this unit, students will dive into diverse viewpoints on success, dissecting texts of various types to uncover the keys to achievement. As part of the journey, students will critique existing success narratives, using their insights to construct and defend their personal interpretations of what success truly entails.