Art and CTE Department

Class Updates


The eLearning program offers Fundamentals of Art in the afternoon. This class provides students with 1 fine art credit required for graduation. The course focuses on the study art and its application to the real world. Each unit will incorporate history, aesthetics, critiques and production. Students will learn new processes while refining skills and techniques using various media. Student portfolios will be created as evidence of progress. Some areas covered in this class include drawing from observation, pencil, charcoal, pastels, painting (watercolor, tempera, and acrylic), sculpture, clay, printmaking, and mixed media. This is the first course in the fine arts curriculum.

Career Research and Development

An introduction and advanced study of Career Research and Development are offered in the eLearning program in the afternoon. These courses provide high school students with the following benefits:
 Academic subject matter taught with relevance to the real world. 
 Workplace, personal, academic, and technical skills. 
 Educational pathways that help them explore interests and careers.
 Pathways that include four-year college degree programs, community college certificate/associate degree programs, registered apprenticeship, and industry certification.