Why do we have eLearning in BCPS?

Provide a viable educational option for middle and high school students who need innovative access to learning. Sample scenarios may include:

  • Students who cannot access learning at traditional school building for any part of the school day or school year.
  • Students who do not have access to courses in their current school, but are available through eLearning.
  • Students want to take classes outside of their traditional school day/program.
eLearning serves as a virtual learning experience with outcomes comparable to those of traditional classes.
  • Follow the BCPS scope of curriculum and the sequence of the curriculum. eLearning is NOT a self-paced option or independent study.
  • Instruction is aligned with the BCPS curriculum. Student outcomes are identical to traditional classroom outcomes.
  • The sequence (or order of lessons, units, and assessments) is the same in the eLearning course as it is in a traditional middle or high school.
  • Students are required to meet the deadlines established by teachers. These deadlines align with the BCPS marking period timelines.
  • Students log into webinars with teachers and other students based on their class schedule. Students receive a schedule when in eLearning, and attendance to class is required.
eLearning is an instructional program that is accessible from any location with internet access.
  • Students attend live classes to work with teachers and other students.
  • Students complete work and independent learning activities outside of their scheduled class time.
  • Students are required to have reliable internet access as well as the use of a device in order to attend live sessions and submit work.
  • Students without access to internet and a device may be able to borrow one from eLearning.
What can students expect?
  • Student receives a schedule of courses and an overview of the program at an orientation session prior to entering a class.
  • Student participate in live, required classes with teachers and other students during scheduled meeting times. These meeting times are similar to a bell schedule in any BCPS middle or high school.
  • Students are assigned digital lessons activities and formative and summative assessments to complete within a lesson sequence.
  • Students are assigned activities to complete outside of class meeting times.