About Us

The Office of eLearning facilitates blended, distance-learning courses as an educational option for Baltimore County Public School students.  eLearning courses are delivered by Baltimore County teachers. As courses progress, students demonstrate their understanding and ability through a variety of activities, including online discussions, quizzes, projects, and participation in live webinar sessions.  Teachers analyze data from performance-based tasks, computer-based assessments, and interactions during live webinars to identify students’ strength and need and customize instruction accordingly.

The Office of eLearning recognizes that students grow and develop at different times, and remaining responsive to student need is the cornerstone of our purpose.  eLearning strives to personalize learning opportunities for students by providing access to a diverse collection of resources designed to move student achievement forward.  Learning plans are developed and provide clear benchmarks of progress. Students are partnered with program coaches to support technology literacy skills, appropriate online communication and collaboration skills, and problem-solving strategies that support deeper learning.